Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA-West) serves as a catalyst for innovation by enabling faculty and student research in collaboration with the information technology community. It is creating a new generation of scientists and engineers who are capable of fully integrating IT into the whole educational, professional, and creative process of diverse disciplines.

CIARA seeks to integrate IT into today’s research projects providing a life-long framework of understanding for tomorrow’s faculty in order to assess the effectiveness of applied IT research and to demonstrate an effective, academically grounded, institutional model of support. CIARA fosters domain-specific tailoring of Internet technologies to support faculty research, and in the process improve graduate education.

CIARA’s mission is to connect fundamental science and engineering to technology and foster the transfer of technology to educational institutions worldwide, allowing them to provide innovative educational outreach programs for students and teachers from pre-high school to the graduate level using state-of-the-art infrastructure. CIARA engages minority students and faculty members to contribute to and take part in a system that will affect the sustained transfer of IT research.

USC Viterbi’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI)